Meadows Care’s ethos is to reintegrate young people back into mainstream education provision where possible. Many of the young people we educate have missed lots of schooling, have been excluded, are unable to manage in group situations or have chosen not to attend and have a statement of special educational needs. We continually have to be creative in the way we offer education to ensure that all our young people can engage. To achieve our aim, Meadows Care has developed a unique education service that consists of an Ofsted registered independent special school, supported by our residential homes where some students are also taught with a fully qualified team who deliver a high quality curriculum.

Our purpose built school, Meadows School at Egerton House is registered with Ofsted for 15 pupils and has subject specific rooms such as a fully equipped hair salon, teaching kitchen, drama studio, IT department, science lab and other generic classrooms. All of our residential homes/schools have a designated education area that is fully equipped to teach all subjects. Sporting activities are encouraged and can be accessed using a partners facilities. Activities currently accessed include tennis, badminton, squash, football and swimming. The experienced staff team consist of fully qualified subject specific specialist teachers, a teaching assistant, a full time pastoral coordinator, team leaders, a deputy and a head; we’re growing rapidly, would you like to work with us?

Our excellent team of teachers produce an individual learning plan that is tailored to meet the educational needs of each young person. The teachers identify with young people’s interests and encourage development in these areas. Our ethos is based on young people achieving, reaching their potential and increasing in confidence. We are a registered examination centre allowing us to provide qualifications from Entry Level to GCSE’s as well as vocational qualifications which provides points recognised by schools and colleges.

Once young people’s confidence in their ability to learn is increased and they are re engaged with education. We use Egerton House as a stepping stone to reintegrating into mainstream school. Young people are taught within the school which further enhances their self esteem and their ability to manage around their peers. Therapists, care staff and teachers work holistically to achieve and promote success for all our young people.Young people are initially taught on a one to one basis. This is extremely intensive, however the attention is on that young person, with a flexible timetable designed to meet their needs. An incentive system is devised to target areas of development and to raise attendance.

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