We have 1-4 bed children’s homes across the North 
West of England and in the Midlands, 
where we can offer a truly 
therapeutic, integrated service.

We pride ourselves on following a collaborative approach to support young people with some of the most complex needs in society.
Therapeutic residential care is delivered via an evidence based therapeutic model focused on Attachment, Regulation and Competency model: M-ARC model. All staff are trained to provide a safe, secure, attuned and psychologically informed home to all young people, to enable healing and growth

We have specially trained teams to support and develop young people with some of the following needs:

  • Social, emotional & behavioural difficulties
  • Sexualised behaviour, HSB
  • Self-harm
  • Missing from home
  • Gang association, CSE & CCE
  • Attachment needs and complex trauma
  • Chronic trauma & developmental difficulties
  • CSE involvement
  • Mental health
  • Substance misuse

Key aspects which we feel are crucial to the welfare of young people
and the safe and therapeutic environment they need are:

  • Established, experienced, well trained staff teams
  • Bespoke care packages, evidence based practice with measured outcomes.
  • Integrated care with in-house therapeutic team throughout the company
  • Restorative practice model 
throughout the company
  • Prevent, Protect and Restore approach (PPR)
  • Collaborative ethos
  • Phased independence programme
  • Clearcare information management system to offer the social workers real time access to records

Our specialist homes

Our Homes

Building a future for young people.


Personalised, integrated & committed

Our unique approach

The care, education and therapy services work closely together to ensure a truly integrated service with good communication via good communication, IT systems and internal multi-disciplinary placement planning meetings.

Meadows ethos is to give every young person the opportunity to fulfil their potential, enjoy new opportunities and remove barriers to success.

Our integrated therapeutic approach starts at the point of referral and is maintained throughout placement and into independence. Resilient and well trained staff are key to a safe and stable service.
care staff, clinical professionals and committed senior teachers gives Meadow’s young people every opportunity to succeed.

Our evidence based outcomes and monitoring tools measure a young persons journey and assists with the evolving care planning and forward thinking approaches for all our young people at any stage of their care journey.