Clinical Therapy

Meadows Care provides specialist therapeutic provision to those young people who are in greatest need. Through our work, we have developed expertise in augmenting and improving the care of our young people.

Dr Jane Toner, Clinical Psychologist, is Head of the Service and oversees the therapeutic care of all young people within Meadows Care. Meadows Care have an integrated therapy service available to all young people within our residential provision. We also offer therapy services externally through Meadows Therapy and Consultation Service, details of which are available on request.

The skill mix in the Therapy Team ensures that the needs of our young people can be met appropriately; using evidence-based approaches. All staff regularly receive supervision, attend external training and ongoing professional development to maintain high professional standards.

The team have an extensive range of experience in residential care, the NHS, both community and inpatient settings, CAMHS and forensic care. The therapeutic orientation is predominantly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but staff also have training in Play Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy, working with sexualised and sexual offending behaviour and compassionate mind approaches.
Direct and Indirect Work

Therapy sessions are carried out regularly, all therapy plans are individualised based upon the needs of the young person and any previous psychological or psychiatric recommendations that have been made. The team use a wide range of therapeutic approaches informed by clinical assessment and experiences and statutory guidance e.g., NICE 1. We can also provide a range of psychological assessments around particular symptoms or needs.

Indirect therapy work is also provided for each young person: working with the residential teams providing advice and support; attending team meetings; carrying out psycho education and training with the team depending upon need; liaising with other professionals and completing documentation to a high standard. We are also involved in Consultation and Team Formulation, supporting a young person’s team to develop shared understandings and ways of managing the young person using psychologically informed approaches.

All staff receive mandatory training in Therapeutic Care which is in line with the ‘Children’s Home: National Minimum Standards 2011.’ Attachment and Therapy is specifically geared towards developing the knowledge and skills of staff working with complex children who are looked after. Training, aims to promote the need for a nurturing approach, promoting attachments and attachment approaches, developing positive and responsive relationships with young people and developing their psychological knowledge of the young people and their behaviours. Other training is also provided depending upon need such as Managing Self Harm, Mental Health Awareness, Working and Learning Needs.
Improving Outcomes

We use a number of Outcome Measures that are recognised throughout Local Authorities and CAMHS to give baseline measures. The majority of our young people demonstrate improvements as a result of their therapeutic care. Additionally, all staff are proficient in using specific symptom based assessment scales to aid our assessments and therapeutic work. Our young people regularly demonstrate improvements in symptoms and problematic behaviours e.g., reduction in self-harming behaviour and reduced symptoms of trauma following specific therapy. Further data on the changing outcomes for young people can be sought directly from the team at Meadows Care.