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Young Person recruits their own staff

Recent interviews for Birmingham therapy team were supported by Ollie who joined the interview panel recently. Ollie had developed his own set of questions through discussions with his housemate, and spent the day at the office, completing some office tasks related to recruitment and joined each interview to ask his specific questions. Ollie was amazing, confident and professional and scored the candidates too. Candidates fed back that Ollie’s questions were the most probing and difficult ones to answer.

Ollie joined Olivia Wadham, Emily Dunn and Jane Toner for the interviews.

Ollie’s comments

“I enjoyed helping out with the interviews for the therapy team in Birmingham. I had to make up some questions for the candidate. These were about how they would help me if I was angry, how they would get to know me, and three words to describe themselves. I was nervous but all staff there were amazing and made me feel welcomed. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to help out at Cuckoo Wharf again!” Oliver Pugh

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