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Yorkshire Day

Aye Up-It’s Yorkshire Day.

August 1st was Yorkshire Day so Meadows Care wanted to treat our Yorkshire homes. We provided hampers of Yorkshire Tea with a little twist. The tea choices were Yorkshire tea-jam and toast flavoured, and Yorkshire tea-Biscuit flavoured!!

Yorkshire day at GreenHey!

Staff (inc John Sockett) and Young people trying the tea’s with added Yorkshire puddings! Young people were not a fan of the toast and Jam, the biscuit tea was the best however smelt like fake tan 🤣

One young person was even labelling up the tea bags to take on contact with her so her Nanna could try them too! We love the actual Yorkshire pudding!

Yorkshire Day at Crossfirs!

This was celebrated with MLB’s homemade buns which look amazing!!! John Sockett from maintenance, gets about, and is enjoying more tea. He has opted for the biscuit flavoured!! 😊

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