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Care Experienced Day of Remembrance April 30th 2021

What is it?

Throughout history, as a result of oppression and systemic mismanagement of their lives, Care Experienced people haven’t always been afforded the opportunity to meet their full potential.

There are many Care Experienced people who have made an impact on societies in all corners of the globe. This day honours their legacy. Care Experienced people, past and present should be remembered.

This symbol has been created by Care Experienced people, to commemorate Care Experienced people throughout global history. The image represents a bridge from the past to present, a bridge to the people, a bridge to the future and bridging the divide in understanding of the history of Care Experienced people.

How can we get involved with our young people? 

Create awareness posters or posters on individual people who may be an inspiration to them

Do work with them about specific famous people or people they may be interested in who have come from Care and have gone on to achieve positive things

Complete project work with them

Complete work around breaking down the barriers Care Experienced people face with their future and opportunities

Watch informative videos/read things online together

Be creative & get thinking !!

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