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Young Person – Natasha's Story

Living at Meadows for me was just like being part of a family. Having a close team who took the time to know me helped me to feel like the house I lived in was my home. Without Meadows I wouldn’t have gained any GCSE’s or enjoyed simple things like going to the cinema or for a day in the park. I wouldn’t have learnt the skills I needed to become an adult without my team and everything they taught me. During my time at Meadows, my Dad passed away suddenly. Every member of staff went above and beyond to be there for me during that time, even staff I didn’t know. I don’t know how I would’ve got through that time without the support of Meadows. The best advice I’ve ever received was from a staff member at Meadows and I still try to remember it now – ‘hurting yourself because someone else hurt you, only allows them to hurt you further, it hurts only you and you deserve better’

To any young people that read this – make the most of your time with Meadows and all of the different things on offer. Appreciate your team and how hard they work to learn about you and how hard they try to make your time with them as enjoyable and beneficial as possible. You’re not just a young person to them, you’re part of the Meadows family and they really do care about you!


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